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Error while opening my unity project

I made a unity project yesterday and tried to open it but i was not able to open it or any other project i am using 2019.3.14f1 version of unity.

The error says

"Could not establish a connection with unity package manager local server process."

Please 😖🙏 help me resolve this problem.



  • Hello Ayaan,

    I See Your Problem And I Have Had It Before, All You Need To Do Is Hit Retry; If This Fails Click Diagnose! If All Goes Wrong I Have Three Ideas:

    1) Re-Install Unity, It Might Be Very Time Consuming But Might Fix!

    2) Look At The Error, It Displays An IP Address, Try Letting It Through Your Firewall!

    3) Make A New Project And Copy Everything Over!

    Hope This Helped. Stay Safe :)

  • AyaanAyaan Member

    Brother i tried doing all three things but none of them worked and i am not able to open any of my projects 2019.3 is not working

  • AyaanAyaan Member

    PLease someone help i need to fix this before the gmtk game jam this will be my first game jam if unity works properly

  • ms07ms07 Member
    edited June 2020

    Copy just assets and project settings to new folder open unity hub and then click add select your folder. Let unity regenerate all libraries. Check result. Run unity and unity hub as administrator. Turn off your firewall and antivirus.

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