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Camera for my next game

edited May 2020 in 2D Art

Hi, I want to create my game with a style of IWBTB / Cuphead (because I want a skilled based game). The problem is that the story start from a village. I think that you can't really build a village in a 2d platform game so I was wondering if the camera could change into the "Pokémon mode" (2d from top, like every doungeon game). Do you think there are better solution to this? When I start the mission and enter the level, is it ok that change of camera?

Thanks, I hope I explained myself.

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  • HayashininjaHayashininja Member
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    I'd say it would be totally okay to do it :) Just think about The legend of Zelda 2 which have a simmilar thing going from overworld to sidescroller :)


  • Yep thanks!! I asked in other communities too and someone told me the same (sadly I didn't play any Zelda). Will try it once I know how to develop games! XD

  • You should ;P And I think it would be easy to just have a different camera in the village scene and the sidescroller scene :)

  • Ahahah, maybe someday I will try it/watch some video. Btw, just because you are still here XD, what projects would you suggest to learn and experiment more and faster? I was doing right now a simple platformer (but with art, music made by me, so I know how to make and use them). I won't use assets for this purpose. I'm not going into level design for those projects (just test if things I want to do works).

    After that I want to try space shooter (different movement, enemy spawn randomly etc.)

    And after that a simple rpg (different style of game, different camera, different art etc.)

    What can I do after those projects? My goal as I said is to try new things. I will post a new thread about that, but wanted to know what you think xD

  • This code here works for 2D camera follow. Just send the code to the Main Camera in the hierarchy.

    using System.Collections;

    using System.Collections.Generic;

    using UnityEngine;

    public class CameraMovement : MonoBehaviour {

    public GameObject player;

    private Vector3 offset;

    // Use this for initialization

    void Start () 


    offset = transform.position - player.transform.position;


    // Update is called once per frame

    void LateUpdate () 


    transform.position = player.transform.position + offset;



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