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Visual Studio not appear any recommendation

muazammuazam Member
edited May 2020 in Programming

I just downloaded visual studio with unity to follow the unity tutorial.

But the differences from the video that I detected from Brackeys is my visual studio doesnt highlight any color for any data type, and also it doesnt pop up any recommendation whenever I use the " . " to access function methods and this is kinda be a problem for me as a beginner.

If any fix can be done will be greatly helpful. Thanks.

Best Answer

  • Sl0thSl0th Member
    Accepted Answer

    If you go to Unity preferences (it's in file or edit, I forget which) and then to external tools, is visual studio set as your script editor?

    If you open the Visual Studio installer, click modify on your version and then scroll down to the Unity package, do you have it installed?

    I've also heard that installing NuGet package manager under Visual studio installer - modify - individual components.

    Otherwise, try googling "Visual studio intellisense not working with Unity".

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