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2D Pixel art for a non-artist

BlinkBlink Member
edited May 2020 in 2D Art

Hello, one of the early posts on the forum but this isn't intended xD, anyways I'd gladly love if someone can give me insights on learning pixel art for someone who can barely draw a stick man on a paper, i only code games but i really want to make something by myself.

Let it be Udemy, Youtube or anything just hopefully a very useful course.


  • whybushwhybush Member

    Check out MortMort on youtube, his tutorials are pretty good. Other than that you just need to keep practicing.

  • BlinkBlink Member

    I mean, MortMort seems to work on a non-zero background. I struggle trying to understand the basics of drawing a pixel art character to begin with. That is what I meant.

  • When I started studying pixel art (less than 1 year ago) I went for pixel art courses. I've selected the best one from many to study and some of the first challenges in the course were:

    "draw a polished line" and "draw a polished curved line".

    Guess what... I managed to make thos challenges wrong and make mistakes in drawing a simple line.

    Now I'm working on this:

    There really isn't any shortcut.. But I found out that having a good course, with a good teacher that actually answer your questions and a community of artists backing you up.. definitly helps :)

  • whybushwhybush Member

    I don't know of anyone that exactly goes through the process of creating a pixel art character but if you watch some of MortMort's beginner tutorials then he mentions that you should find some pixel art sprites and try to recreate them and add your own twist to them. After some time of doing that you will realize the different decisions that pixel artists make when creating character.

  • maxmax Member

    It could also be interesting to generate pixel art (pixelate) based upon images you have/found on the internet. This way (if you want to) you could still focus on code and get some interesting visuals.

    But if you want to learn to create (pixel) art, practice is key. But knowing techniques will definitely help with this. Just like coding, there are many topics (characters, environments, props, etc.) to learn.

  • BlinkBlink Member

    Thank you people! ♥

  • SeanSean Member

    Practice all day every day if you want to get good at it. The most talented pixel artists have been able to learn how to do a lot with very limited space. Start small (no pun intended) look at a glass of water on your table. How do you think it would look in pixels? Then go try and draw it. Also some have recommended in online tutorials to get some grid paper and a pen and start colouring in squares - I don’t know if that is really helpful because I haven’t tried it but I find working on the computer directly accelerates my productivity.

  • Here are some Youtubers I recommend:

    • MortMort
    • Pixel Pete
    • Brandon James Greer

    As you mentioned MortMort is more for intermediates. He mostly does videos on small tips and tricks, and usually doesn't show his process. Where as Pixel Pete, he has great videos on beginner concepts and shows his thinking and pixeling process really well. Brandon James Greer is about the same as Pixel Pete but he shows the process of some of his pieces and does tutorials. PlusI love the look of Brandons videos.

  • jtok4jjtok4j Member


    For a simple tool, I'd recommend trying MS Paint (Paint in Windows 10) which allows you to turn on the grid in View/Show Grid Settings.

    Then you can create a small icon or something and see if you're still interested after the work. :)

     Keep on Creating! 

    Justin of JustinTime Studios ( 

  • SaseebSaseeb Member

    If it's just for you, then you should practice everyday, but, if it's for a game prototype, you could do the art in illustrator, you know like vectorial art, and then you can apply a pixel art shader to the camera and you are ready to go

  • FuryFury Member


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