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How to make character moves in "Forager"

AyvelAyvel Member

Hi, my question is how can I do the character moves like in Forager, can you leave me a tutorial or something like that, please!


  • In the game the player changes rotation from left and right. Thats simple enough. When drawing your character and animations just draw them facing right and use some tool to copy and flip the animations so that in can play facing left as well. It's a good idea to think about player animation as a good aspect of the game to start with, but the main focus shouldn't be there in an indie game. A simple 4 frame idle in both directions and a 4 frame mining/chopping animation should be fine. Just be sure to add an outline to the player because I made the mistake of forgetting one once and that was a struggle. Best of luck. :)

    ps., this is a good tutorial the style you are going for looks very 22.5 or just fully flat with a shadow added to provide a sense of depth.

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