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how can I draw a very simple pixel art character with all body parts

I'm having a hard time finding how to draw a basic 32x32 pixel character with all body part and I found no good tutorials on YouTube on how to make it. can anyone suggest tips or tutorial on how to make it? thanks


  • There are lots of great tutorial videos on youtube and at other places online. I would suggest drawing a human in a 16 by 32 and not worrying as much about the height, but maintaining horizontal length. If you are animating it as a player there are tons of good tutorials for creating the either 4 or 8 directions a zelda-like top down sprite could turn. If you are looking for a fully top down game tutorial then try to draw one sprite and rotate the direction it is facing using unity scripting. one mod that shows that style well is the Shiprekt mod made for the game King Arthur's Gold, or KAG for short. You can look up gameplay of the mod for inspiration. A good idea is to just get started and try your best while learning not expecting perfection on your first try.

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