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VSCode New Project

gplaylegplayle Member
edited August 2022 in Programming

So, I downloaded DotNet, it was the new version, but everything worked out well. I downloaded VSCode, it was also the new version, but again, everything worked out well. I followed along with the first video, and the second video where he gives a coding challenge. My issue is, I want to open up a new project, and keep what I wrote when I was following along with the first two videos. I have no idea how. I create a new file, give it a new name, open the selected folder, and I think I type out everything correctly, but I try to run it, it keeps wanting to reference the old file and then gives me massive errors.

Something of note, the new version of VSCode has this reference line in which it doesn't look like code, but looks like a website link. You can change it, and it runs either way, but this is information I thought might be needed.

Do I have to put the new file into an entirely separate folder? Do I type "dotnet new console" in the terminal for this new file, or is it something else?

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