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Game/UI/UX Designer & Artist Introduction


You can call me Wanderyen Erin, I'm 27 and I'm from Brazil. I'm a Game/UI/UX Designer & 2D/3D Artist focused in characters and I've been working as a game dev for about 8 years now. In games, I've worked on a naruto webgame MMO "Ninja Story", a title for Nutaku and in a Grand Chase's private server as game director.

As an artist, I'm best known for having created contents for GrandChase and Kurtzpel(Steam) and other awards and recognitions from large companies such as Blizzard, IMC Games, NASA e Natsume Inc.

What I enjoy the most is, for sure, designing game experience. But I didn't have the time to study much coding and for that, most of my projects are frozen. Right now, I'm with no paid work, and quite desperate. I need to show the world what I'm capable in game designing to get a job more easily in other countries, maybe south korea.

For some years now, I've working in the designing, documentation and visual presentation of a simples, but the best on the market, dress up game (Like "Gacha Life") to show people what I can do. Now, I can't postpone the coding part anymore and is time to try build the prototype by myself as I don't have any contacts availabe to help me out, and that's why I'm glad I found this place.

Thanks for reading and, please, lets make contact in LinkedIn! You can found all my links here:

Nice to meet ya!

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