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Which Software should I use to create 2D sprites?

MetamaxMetamax Member

Hello guys! So, I think I'm gonna develop a 2D game(I've never done that before), so I was wondering...which photo software should I use to create a character that looks closely like mobile game Killer bean unleashed's character? Like the one below...


  • Well, it in a way depends on how your character looks. Killer Bean is like a 3D character. If you'd want 2D sprites for a 3D rendered character, pretty much any 3D software can render the frames of animation you require output in .png files that Unity could use as sprite.

    If u have a 2D character for which you'd want to make animation and sprites, I have been using Adobe Animate, and so far it's been great in making sprite sheets that you could use in unity. Adobe Photoshop works too for creating sprite sheets.

  • MetamaxMetamax Member

    @RaebelPro Alright. Thanks!

  • trialforcetrialforce Member
    edited May 2020

    You can use Photoshop, Gimp (free) or Aseprite (good and cheap).

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