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I have a world space issue seems to be scale related

Hi all new here and fairly new to programming in general. i am building a game, but when i try to just collect a screen click to relocate the camera, as you can see in the pic above the bounding area of the map i created is at least 6 times bigger than the map itself. The mini map you see here is working perfectly and moves everything as it should but am missing something really obvious, can anyone help i feel have tried everything and know i am overlooking something really obvious. Thanks in advance for any help offered.


  • Any response to this am more interested in the method of why its not working and why there seems to be a scale issue between world and screen space. hav tried just setting another renter texture to cure the problem but this doesn't seem to work either been stuck for weeks.

  • fyi for anyone interest have now discovered the issue i was having it was tag related needed to leave the main camera untagged and activate with code. thanks to all who looked anyways

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