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What is the free best pixel art software?

Soo my did is going to get me photoshop for a month (I think so) and after the i need to do pixel art so what software can I use(free pls) I have used giml i didn't like the interface soo pls pls pls help me out

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    Accepted Answer

    You can do Pixel art in photoshop.but most of my pixel art were made in MS paint

  • Abhinav1Abhinav1 Member
    Accepted Answer

    Thankyou but I found out another online browser pixel art maker called photopea

  • Accepted Answer

    I know I am very late (haha). But I would recommend GIMP its free and very less demanding software (in terms of specs). It can take around 1+ GB if you download everything like pixel art support and normal drawing and stuff like that.

  • Abhinav1Abhinav1 Member
    Accepted Answer

    no need i went for the normal style


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