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how to improve UI design skills?

Hello everyone,

I wanted to ask if you have any tips for a good ui design. Do you use ready-made ui kits or do you do everything yourself? attached i have a screenshot of a ui that i made for my game. I've tried really hard, but it doesn't look as cool as I would like it to be. i would be happy to receive suggestions and tips for improvement!

Have a nice day

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    This looks pretty good. I personally think having the box over the main feature of the art is a bad choice, as it takes away from the art. It's not that you can never do this but it should not be covering the main feature of the art especially if it is semi transparent. An exception to this would be if it is a landscape or abstract, but if it is prop or hard surface it tends to look especially bad. I think you did a really good job with this on the bottom part of the screen where the buttons are actually framing the art. The other thing is I would stylize the buttons a little more. The shape of the buttons is good, the glow is good, I would change the color of both the text and the button to fit in more for example pink buttons and lime text since those both look good in a neon style and are complementary, I would change the font to a neon specific font. I might also add in flicker animations that play at a random interval every now and then if I wanted to bring it alive a little more. As for ready made using UI kits it can work however if there is not a high quality kit that fits your needs I would not use one. My workflow for UI is usually get it fully functional with all needed information, make/get art taking into account my UI elements, creating custom UI elements that go with the art, changing the font I used to one the goes with the art. Some concepts I try to keep in mind well doing UI are functionality, color theory, simplicity, and theme.


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