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Hi can you plz tell me which unity version is best


  • I use 2019.4.10f1 but if you are choosing a version to start on now I would use 2019.4.12f1 since now that is the most recent version with long-term support. Any version should work but going with a version marked with LTS means you are less likely to have to deal with weird or undocumented bugs.

  • I'm using version 2019.4.13f1. That version contains dark mode, and that's good for eyes. It's LTS version.

  • Hey @GAMER7o4 , if you are starting to learn Unity, use the latest LTS version, i.e. 2019.4.15f1(as per the time of the post of this comment). If you wan to use the latest features, and learn while doing that(which is when you are wanting to use Unity in the future), then go for the latest 2020 version. It also has the dark version. But, if you want to settle down and start production and want to get fixed on one version only, then go for the latest 2018 version, which is 2018.4.29f1(as per the time of this comment). But it doesnt have the dark mode.

    Hope this helps you!!

  • Use the latest version marketed with LTS. Stick with the version for your project!

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