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I followed "2D Movement in Unity (Tutorial)" correctly still I am getting compiler errors?

kpman23kpman23 Member
edited October 2020 in 2D Art

If you find any mistake, or solutions for this, plz help coz Unity says there are "Compiler errors".


  • You need to create a vector two and set on one axis equal to your float so if you wanted to move right to left that look likes: Vector2 v2 = new Vector2 (horizontalmove, 0); controller.Move(v2 * Time.deltaTime);

    And I don't think Move() takes the bool either.

  • I am very new to this stuff and so it is difficult to understand that what do you mean by "one axis equal to your float".

    Tell me where to write.

    I'm sorry for being noob at this. 😅

  • kpman23kpman23 Member
    edited October 2020

    I used box collider on tile map and now my player moves in the air. What should I do?

  • kpman23kpman23 Member
    edited October 2020

    My player always stays in Crouch mode. What should I do?

    And there one more twist even after I removed the crouch codes from the script and settings its still moving on crouch speed!

    Why? 😭

  • HNJHNJ Member

    You don't seem to have a Animator Component, then what is it always stays in crouch mode?

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