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Hello, I use krita to make 2D art and it works pretty well but I was wondering if there are better programs to use when making textures for 3D models. Im sure krita can do it but Im just asking if there are better programs for texturing 3D models... thank you!

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    Krita could work but it would create extremely weird lighting and depth would be hard to produce since the reason depth works in 2d is because of perspective looking at a 2d image in 3d space causes you to loose that . I use materialize it creates normal maps, height maps, metallic maps, roughness maps and stuff from an albedo automatically. You could also import a Texture made in Krita into materialize although I'm not sure what result that would give you.

    download here:

    Good tutorial here:

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    You can also use blenders texture painting , which is not the best tool but there are not many good free texture painting tools out there. I haven't tried ArmorPaint | 3D PBR Texture Painting but I heard its a great tool for texture painting. I would recommend substance painter and substance designer as non free tools.


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