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How to achieve this style?

This is probably a really dumb question, but i've been playing around with lighting options to achieve a style similar to this render:

The idea is a simple. But I can't find anything as smooth as this.

I've tried numerous skyboxes to achieve the background, but I can't have shadows without having some kind of base which then doesn't blend.

I've also tried a "2 wall and floor" (like a photo studio setup) but you can clearly see where the edges meet.

Ideally, I should be able to move the camera anywhere and the floor and background seamlessly blend ....

I am going to assume there is a very obvious way of achieving this as I've seen it on lots of games but I just can't see it!


  • Two ways ive done this.

    1) use a curved background instead of two planes for floor and wall

    2) This one was more work but worked great. Create a floor plane and assign a shadow matte material (in 3DsMax) That will make it invisible but it will still show the shadows that fall on it. Then make your background all white

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