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Bosca Ceoil Revamp

zachzach Member

Lately I have been thinking of making a program similar to Bosca Ceoil but with some extra features. Some of the features I had in the back of my mind include:

  • individual volume and sound effect control that is more in depth for people who want to add more dynamics to their piece of music.
  • The ability to add shorter note lengths for things like arpeggiation.
  • A much higher variety and level of control of sound effects.

I know Bosca Ceoil is a very simple program and that is the appeal to many people but it seems like it is in dire need of a few more features that I think could be added without ruining its simplicity.

The development of Bosca Ceoil seems to have stopped (based on many problems that exist with the current releases: The online version is down, the mac os version does not function out of the box on Catalina and higher because it is 32 bit, and  many people experience delayed sound on the Linux version) which is why I don't think any of these features are coming any time soon.

I would love to know anyone else's thoughts on if this would be worth my time and if anyone else has features that they think the current version of Bosca Ceoil lacks and whether or not would like to see in a possible revamp.

I am also taking into consideration the other programs that are available for doing the things I mentioned. I have not explored very much music creation software and I am sure there are programs that are completely capable of doing all of these things but I do really admire the simplicity of Bosca Ceoil and I think if another program kept its simplicity but with added features, it could be a hit.

The thing that inspired me was Teenage Engineering's Arcade Pocket Operator. There are so many cool sounds effects that can be applied and it surprised me how much they made a difference in the quality of the music. Here is a video if you want to see what I mean:

Thank you for any feedback :)


  • This is a very good Idea, I would use it and I think there is a fairly large market of game devs who don't have someone to make music but also don't really understand how to make music themselves. Bosca Ceoil is good since you can select a scale and follow some very simple principles of music theory and get a pretty good song even if you don't know much about music. The lack of features is certainly hindering however I usually make a draft in Bosca Ceoil and remake it in sonic pi which is somewhat time consuming. If there was a better tool that did not cost that much I would think many people would use it.

  • Yes, very nice idea. Please make it, but keep it simple.

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