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How are these interface elements are called?

Hello! I have some questions. I love being inspired by art in the internet. My problem is, i don't know what to search for. What are these things called? It's so important for me.

What is this design overall called? And what are these corners called? So i can google it. I absolutly don't have a clue and can't find anything about it.

Or this.

Any idea? I searched for:

  • Medivial Interface UI
  • Metallic Frame Game UI
  • MMORPG Game UI
  • And literally every variiation of these tags

Thanks and sorry for bad english!


  • From what I heared these places for armor are called "Armor Slots" and those icons I would look with word "Icons". For corners I don't know. About these weapons in upper-right corner of the screen, I first see this mechanic of the game, so I can't help with it. I hope my advise will help you find what you wanted.

  • Thanks for your answer, but it actually didn't helped in any way. I really need a word / term to search which is like the listed above, i need specific search terms..

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