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Good 3d modelling software.

I need a good modelling software for low graphics card pc and free cause I am a poor guy


  • Blender is a very good Software and in addition it is for free

  • But it will not run in my pc because I don't have a good graphics card 😭

  • Sorry I really want to help you, but I started programming/design only 2 weeks ago. In cause of that I don't know any other 3d design program.

    Good Luck by finding one

  • I use Paint 3D and 3D Builder.

    You use 3D Builder to do things you can't do in Paint 3D.

    You use Paint 3D to make some parts of your 3D model, and also convert it into a picture that is usable in Unity.

    At least, if you want it to be just a picture.

    edited July 2020

    I also dont have a good graphics card but i still use blender and it works fine

  • Jimmy but in mines it doesn't even open.

  • IcyGuyIcyGuy Member

    blender is an really good software

  • Blender can work without GPU. It can render(work) on CPU also. It would just be slow.

  • Blender! Don't make the sample rate higher and in the compositor use the denoiser, so you don't have to deal with long times.

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