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Can I use Songs royalty free from youtube's audio library?

I need some general legal advice on copyright.

Can you use any songs and soundeffects from the youtube audio library?

They say you can use them for whatever creative purpose you want even outside of youtube. But maybe the creators of these songs see that differently? I heard of some cases where it was like that.

I literally have no knowledge about this and copyright is a complicated subject. If anyone has any expertise in this area or already had some trouble with this I would greatly appreciate help :)

Thanks for your help 😄

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  • DarkvinterDarkvinter Member
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    Some songs in youtube's library use a CC-BY 4.0 license, which is different than a copyright. It means anyone can use them as long as you give credit to the artist and mention the license and source you got it from. The rest of the songs don't specify a license which leads me to believe they're CC0 (aka public domain), meaning anyone can use them without crediting.

    I was thinking of using a few songs from their library too, but I couldn't find anywhere that said you can use them outside of youtube -- where did you see that? 😮 (not that I'm doubting you, I just wanna play it safe lol). In the end I decided to get music from sites like and, which have a lot of free game music with the creative commons (CC) licenses (and you can read about all of the different licenses and how to credit properly on those sites if you're still unsure).

    Hope I helped 😄


  • I can't find where I saw that back then anymore.... Maybe just a forum where some dude said that xD

    But I found that:

    So I guess we can't use songs from Youtube Audio Library outside of Youtube :/

    But I am going to have a look on your suggestions. Thank you :)

  • There is another great audio library I use for video editing purposes

  • w_w_22w_w_22 Member
    edited January 25

    Of course you can, usually youtube downloads royalty free music so everyone can use it wherever they want (you will be typically offered to use one of the youtube library songs instead of downloading your own one). As you may know there are lots of audio sources that download also the same royalty free music and it works casually everywhere (youtube too), so if you didn't liked any of the youtube songs you may as well go to sites like tunetank or just google "royalty free music" (btw music for ads or free sounds works just as well). Personally i like this site the most because of regular updates and lots of various genres.

  • Hi. I recently researched this question and in my opinion such applications like KineMaster and OpenShot are worth attention for video editing.

  • Hello there. I can recommend to check some online video editors, but of course you can also install for example Adobe Premiere Pro or something like this. Personally I used several times and it works pretty good. Maybe you will find some useful features for you there too!

  • Hi! I wanted to thank you for the useful information , for me personally this is what I needed !

  • edited May 18

    I don't think you can use this music outside of YouTube. If you need royalty-free music on other platforms, just download it from . Here, you will find a lot of free and high-quality music that you can use in your projects. At least that's what I do, and I use music only from this site in my YouTube videos. Considering that my videos are mostly based on podcasts, I need at least some atmospheric and calm music in the background. That's why I use it and have no copyright issues. I hope my post will help you to understand your questions :)

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