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How to create a boss battle in a forward runner game?

This is with regard to my game, Ball Sprinter 3D: Night Shift.

The trial version was published by me on May 16, 2020.

Ever since, I have been working hard on the upcoming full version.

Now sounds ideal to add a boss battle!

I posted the link to the trial version once again so that whoever helps me knows what I am talking about. It is not an endless runner where you switch between three lanes and dodge obstacles until you drop.

This follows similar principles, only that it navigates left and right to the player's convenience and moves forward by default till the end of each level.

If you remember one endless runner game called Despicable Me: Minion Rush,

there was the Gru's Lab where if you moved to a particular empty location, the game would take you into a boss battle where this guy 'Vector' attacks you from behind and the camera focuses that way as well. All you need to do is wait for openings and launch a few objects back at him.

I take it that was done using some trigger event. In my case, the boss battle should continue looking forward in direction. Being my first ever try on this, using objects to hit him back or something would be how I want to start it.

As elaborate as this gets, I will try my utmost to elucidate if not clear enough. Awaiting your responses.


  • Hi! You could add a slide functionality, or just an option to press downwards. Then you can make the boss spawn obstacles like the rest of the game, but you can 'slide' into them to kinda pop them of the ground into the boss who is chasing you from behind. Can i also ask what you want the boss to be (e.g spider).

  • @Sugar_Snail I want the boss to appear in front of the ball character. And with a default speed that he always stays ahead oh the player. The way to beat him would be launching some obstacles at him by running into them at specific points. More like five or six hits finish him for good.

    As for the design of the boss himself, I'd say a maniac/ mastermind lookalike in some vehicular object.

  • Ok, thanks.

    Do you have a discord or something? Its fine if you don't but i would love to collaborate on this with you, the premise is very interesting!

    I was thinking about this yesterday and thought you could add a dash mechanic, if there isn't one already, and then have highlighted bots or blocks or something that you can dash into to hurl them at the boss. In terms of the boss himself, i think it would be cool for him to have phases, although they shouldn't be too complicated seeing as he only takes 6 hits to kill.

    When you reply ill give you ideas for phases that i have so far.


  • @Sugar_Snail I do not have a discord but know what that place is. Might consider creating one. I suppose it might take time though, so maybe this is something I'll look into when actually free. But thank you so much for the support for what I am aiming to achieve.

    Perhaps I could see some tutorials in the meantime. Hard luck being, every one of them skips a step or goes too fast.

  • Alex4791Alex4791 Member
    edited July 2020

    @Sugar_Snail Yeah, I've seen these 2D examples before. I am trying to find 3D ones if possible. Right now I am focusing on completing the remaining levels back to back.

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