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Doubt in implementation of something

A few days ago I was watching a video by a youtuber called Dani...Inspired by his video on a Battle Royale like thingy I wanted to create something like that.But I have a small doubt..Video link given here....

I successfully could implement everything except for a play zone like thing outside which you will lose health...So I have no idea how I could implement..So could someone please just guide me and give a hint on how I could go about..I dont want any code but I just want an idea and hint..Thank you!!


  • Maybe have a Storm Radius which decreases over time and check if the person is within the radius. Check only the X and Z for a circle and not a sphere effect.

    If the player is not within the circle, damage his health.

    Otherwise, you can have a object within where the area where your player will not get damaged and if it is out of the area, he looses health. The scale on X and Z of the object scales with time. Set the collider as a trigger and remove the mesh renderer.

    Hope this helps you.

  • SeanSean Member

    Have a count down timer for say 10 minutes. For each player calculate the distance from the center point of the map. Usually something like a Vector3.Distance function but for the ground level under the player. Divide the distance by the time remaining. If it’s under a certain amount then the player starts taking damage. Instead of a boundary line, you could use a fog around the player that fades to black if they are in it too long and they die.

    Example: 15km map, 15 minute rounds. If at 10 minutes they are more than 10kms out from center they start taking damage.

    Hope this helps.

  • Here is how I would do it:

    -I'd make a circle with only one side rendered (you can literally just make a circle in Blender and then remove the back of it), and then apply a shader to it's rendered side to imitate the wall (but you can go simly with a transparent blue material if you're lazy. Now you can simply resize the circle, and you have a zone!

    -Also, you should apply some effects to the camera to imitate that you are inside the storm.

    -For dealing with damage, I would check how far is the player from the center of the circle

  • SundarSundar Member
    edited May 2020

    , @Sean , @Xeramian , @DeLannoy

    Thank you all for the quick and helpful response.... will surely implement it!!😊😊

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