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How do i zoom in to by scrolling using the mouse in the new input system


  • Have you tried 'Input.GetAxis("Mouse ScrollWheel")?' I haven't used it before, but according to sources it works.

    If it does, you can set it to a value, i.e. 'float scroll = Input.GetAxis("Mouse ScrollWheel")'

    Then, create a camera gameobject and use the .fieldOfView variable in conjunction with your scroll variable.

    That's just a start. If you can't get it, let me know, and after I finish working I'll look into it.

  • ccbelanccbelan Member

    Thanks for the suggestion and yeah it does work but the problem is that method is on the old input system. I wanna do it on the new input system. . .

  • Ah. My bad, I'm not familiar with the new input system.

    Here's a Brackeys video on it though, which you probably have already seen:

    Good luck! Sorry I couldn't help...

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