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Discord Unban

Hello there,

I searched and searched the internet but couldn't seem to find anything similar like unban appeals on the "Brackey's Discord Server".. I was banned for posting one gif that makes discord crash on iOS. I wasnt aware of any problems until a mod saw it, i realized my mistake and tought i will get out with a warn, its been like 5-6 months from the ban. To be honest, brackey's channel and brackey's discord server really helped me alot in my game development, even to this day im having an issues, and brackeys discord server really helped alot sometimes.. I really apoligize for everything, even if i do not get unbanned i understand.. Discord Tag: 75ms#1337


  • Hello,

    I jokingly said that I was nine years old in one of the chats and got banned. I'm not nine, I'm 14 yrs old. Please if you are seeing this, unban me.

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