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Two player game using dual monitors on the same PC?


I'm currently creating a Morse code game where I'd like to have 2 players to be able to send messages to one another(Imagine two monitors back to back, and it's similar to a console app in terms of how text is displayed). What is my best way of doing this if I'd like to use the same PC?

These are my initial thoughts but not sure what's best to go with/technically possible

Idea 1(Preferred) : Can I create a split screen(rather than splitting the screen put one on monitor A and one on B?)

Idea 2: Some kind of Lan(as multiplayer will be overkill I think for this)

Idea 3: Multiplayer (look into how best to do this)

Just for some further background information on the project setup if interested. I've using 2 Morse Straight Keys which are connected via USB and using Arduino, so these would act as the player's input. Currently this displays the letters in Unity. Now at the stage where I'd like two users to be able to message one another.

Thanks for any help!


  • tomfortomfor Member
    edited May 6

    Using an Arduino will make authorization easier. But you need to design a user-friendly game. Perhaps the screen of an opponent or friend should be a little smaller than the main screen of the player. 

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