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Is this a good password system?

I'm learning C# and wanted to create my own password system I was wondering is this good or is there something I could had done better?

Best Answer

  • NoHaxJustComeNoHaxJustCome Member
    Accepted Answer

    First, you might want to make it multi-file or encrypted (don't take this part of advice to heart - I am not THAT great - if you don't know how to do it, don't)

    The other thing is instead of using

    if(pass == 1234){
    if(pass != 1234){
       Console.write("U r stupid");


    if(pass == 1234){
       Console.write("U r stupid")

    The doStuff(); and Console.write("U r stupid"); would be replaced with the code inside of what you currently have

    This is what I think and better programmers would probably tell you to do more stuff.


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