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help with visual studio

hey I have a question on the first episode of learning to code with C# for beginners

when I was setting up visual code I failed to generate assets for build and debug. I said that OmniSharp server is not running. It used to work I used to code here with no problem, I stopped using it for a while and when I came back to it I couldn't run any code. idk what happendCan anyone tell me how I can fix it up or give the name of another good code editor I can use and a video on how to set it up? I'm a total beginner as you can see. I'll appreciate your help and thanks for reading



  • HNJHNJ Member

    Press Ctrl+Shift+P and type Omnisharp. Select Restart omisharp server from the list and it should work.

    Try to update the omnisharp extension in VS code.

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