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What did i do wrong?

Hi im on my episode 3 of brackeys how to program in C# i just started today and on this conditions part im trying to make a BMI calculator that tells you too if you are overweight or obese etc,if anyone can explain me where i went wrong on the if else part please do im stressing over this lol refer to the pics

my problem is i cant seem to make the last line work the Overweight part as you can see on the first pic its 35 above and says normal which is supposed to be overweight


  • KipperAdums20KipperAdums20 Member
    edited September 2020

    When I tried making a BMI calculator I just did if, else if, else. So, the 'if' is for the overweight part then 'else if' for the underweight part, at the end I did 'else' for the normal weight.

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