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2D Movement Jumping Issue

In Brackeys's 2D Movement video, he demonstrates how to use the premade character controller script to make the character object jump. After following his instructions, my character jumps much higher than his, shooting off screen above the camera. The jump force is the same, and the only major difference I can think of is that I created the level and tiles myself, and that I am using the 2019 version of Unity.

Does anyone know what might be the problem?


  • Hello,

    Did you make it so that, in the player movement script under FixedUpdate, you set jump to be false?

    If jump is never set to false in fixed update, the player ends up leaping VERY HIGH in the air, and then once it hits the ground it'll end up jumping again.

  • I did set the jump variable to false in FixedUpdate, as was shown in the video. Here's a screenshot of my code.

  • I downloaded the project from the description in the youtube video, and the code looks identical to mine, yet jumping works as intended. I can only assume this means I am missing some key function of unity.

  • JeetJeet Member


    Try reducing the mass of the player in the rigidbody component

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