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How to add snow in Unity 2018.2?

I have seen YouTube videos that used Particle Systems to create rain and snow.

I was successfully able to add rain to one of my levels.

But with snow some older versions (in the YouTube videos) have configurations that are nowhere to be found in 2018.2, the version that I am using.

So I am mentioning the particular Editor and asking how to do it.

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  • Sugar_SnailSugar_Snail Member
    Accepted Answer

    use a particle system, and change the renderer tab to use a mesh. pick a sphere and lower the size. change the particle emission shape to a plane, rotate it upside down, and put it at the top of the sky


  • No suggestions yet? Come on, you guys really helped me get my last game up and running. Surely there's something you could help me out with over here.

  • ABOABO Member

    You mean snow falling from the sky? Or snow lying around? Or how to leave tracks in the snow? Why don't you describe your problem in more detail so that people can help you more easily?

    Anyway, here is a video of brackeys „snow shader“

  • @ABO Snow falling from the sky. Just like rain for that matter.

  • @ABO Also, the video says version 2019.1.2. I mentioned 2018.2.21 as other versions have different features in their particle systems or colliders.

  • @Sugar_Snail Where do I change the particle emission to a plane?

    Thank you so much for assisting me this far by the way.

  • @Sugar_Snail Is this the one? Cause plane isn't among the options. The Emission tab above didn't have any shapes for selection.

  • yh thats the one i meant, i think the shape is actually a box

  • @Sugar_Snail Actually I found my way out a little while after. Thanks for the help, this means a lot to me for the big game I am coming up with.

  • ABOABO Member

    Please mark this question as answered

  • Alex4791Alex4791 Member
    edited July 2020

    @ABO Yeah, I wondered why this was still being notified. Good thing you reminded me.

    I thank all of you time and again, even if I can't fully get around to implementation in a few cases.

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