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Terrain Generation

Hey There. I was trying to make a way to generate terrain. I do not want to take a y level dependent on the x and z coordinates instead I want to be able to loop through each of the blocks and get a probability of the blocks which can be there.

I have used perlin noise to create terrain but I would like to use a x,y,z system rather than only 1 block at surface.

I think perlin Noise Layers would work but later I want there to be clay near water and not generate randomly

I am thinking about setting some of the blocks as main blocks and the blocks near are a probability from the nearest block to them but then again about caves?

Thanks for any help.


  • SeanSean Member

    I would look into some of the online tutorials on how to recreate minecraft. Just to learn how Perlin Noise doesn’t have to be limited to just one ground pattern. It can (and is generally the best method) to create more complex systems. It is really just a way to place related points to each other around.

    For example, if you use Perlin Noise to generate the top of the map, and the map point is 46 block high, make a rule to generate what goes under a 46 high block, chuck in some random values and away you go.

    Another tip: Perlin Noise also has the benefit of seeding, so players from all over the world see the same map instead of random number generated stuff.

  • Thanks. I will look into it but still I want to have a probability of like having snow instead of having a set level only above which snow spawn as I want to be able to blend between different level.

    Thanks again.

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