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Where did you start?

Hey! Popped in to ask, when learning Game Development, where did you start? (Sorry if this is too broad of a question!)

Best Answers

  • lmc212006lmc212006 Member
    Accepted Answer

    @Marsh I got interested in becoming a game dev in school, cos of python. I used to make pygame games earlier, but now I use unity

  • Sl0thSl0th Member
    Accepted Answer

    @Marsh I got together with three friends in school and started going at one of Brackeys' old tutorials. That was my first encounter with programming, and I didn't understand any of the code. But it worked out well anyway, because it was fun to play around with the editor, and it sparked a desire to learn how to program. It gave me a purpose to do so, and something to aim for. It's good to start with a goal. If you already know how to program, though, I'd recommend starting by getting a very basic grip of C#. It'll make it much easier to understand what is going on. And learning a second language is much easier than the first.

  • AcapAcap Member
    Accepted Answer

    I was 11 (in 2004) when i learn about computer. I was always interested in learning about how things work. Then one day my teacher caught me playing games on public computer at school with my friends and things happen and then he decided to teach us about Visual Basic 6.0 (i think).


  • ghostghost Member

    I learnt game development in 8th grade. We were taught C++ at school. One of my lab-mates, had made a game (without graphics). My jaw literally dropped after seeing what he had made. I used UE on my mother's office laptop, before she told me I had to quit. Fast forward 5 years, I re-discover the love for development and I create a dumb game on unity, which goes kind of viral on steam. BTW that's a great question!

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