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How to make physics based top-down movement?

I need to make one for a game, and it want it to feel satisfying to control. The controls in Brawl Stars (on mobile) are pretty much what I aim for.

I watched Brackey's tutorial on top-down movement, but he doesn't make it physics based (acceleration and deceleration).

Can someone help me?


  • jtok4jjtok4j Member


    I think you'll need to find the controls section, and replace the acceleration/decel areas with physics based code, such as the examples found here:

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  • Well, you can do it from code. Physics.gravity returns you a Vector3 which is (0f , -9.81f, 0f) as default. You can change its parameters in code. For example if you want a gravity from top side of your game you can change Physics.gravity = new Vector(0f , 9.81f , 0f); as you can see just change default values sign.

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