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Dark Theme for Unity free version

Hey hi brackeys i am a big fan of you..

Pleasee upload a video on how to apply dark theme for unity free personal version as my eyes are getting hurt badly. Please do it for the latest version.

Thank you in advance


  • alxcylalxcyl Member

    The only way to get it for free is to hex edit the exe.

  • CodeMystCodeMyst Administrator

    And hex editing is against the ToS of Unity.

    Another way to get a free dark skin is if you are a student you can get Unity Plus for free

  • Oh thanks

  • CodeMyst, I had a school in India which is not international and huge. Will github count me as a student?

  • CodeMystCodeMyst Administrator

    You can still try. If you have a valid school email you will get access to it almost instantly. Otherwise I think they just need your student ID card if you have one, and it takes a couple of days to get verified.

  • Looks like worth to try. Thanks for info

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