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Hey, fellow game devs!

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Hi, my name is Izayah! I am fairly new to game development as a whole. But I really want to turn this little hobby of mine, into a full blown career(indie game dev). I am only 15, so starting now would give me a huge advantage in the long run. I currently am using game maker studio 2. I bought a few months ago and I just started to tinker with it again. And with all this free time I have because of the lock-down etc. I thought it would be a good time to start cracking again. How I got into game development is a bit of a blur in my mind. But I will see if I can remember. I always have been a gamer. I started from gamecube to xbox 360. Then I vast majority of my gaming was on xbox 1. Then I got a switch but the console got drift within a couple months so I stopped using it ever since :(. And then I finally migrated to the pc master race. So I was like around maybe 9 years old. I started to use after having a cool ,little ,home-school class about it at my local library. Since I am home-schooled I get all the socialization from these type of activities with other homeschoolers, around the neighborhood. Anyways, I started to use and I made some really cool projects with it. I made this game called spacebot, where your goal is to defeat the treacherous overlord cyber-knight. Only to realize you use to be is right hand in battle. You just lost your memory after your ship crashed while trying to take over the moon. I made like 9 parts to this cool little game on It was epic! I tried to use scratch but for some reason it just didn't click with me. I don't know why. Then I kinda stopped making little games. Then I just started to play games. Until I played a game known as undertale for the switch. All the praise and glory for this game got me thinking. And I said to myself, "I am gonna make a game better then undertale.". So I wanted to learn to code, so my mom signed me up for a live, online python class. I learned a lot about coding in that class. But the class didn't prioritize trying to make a game or anything. It was just python turtle graphics. So I finished up with that, and I learned about game engines. Then I did a bunch of research and chose that gamemaker studio would fit my needs. And it did. It is beginner friendly. The code is easy to learn and I am familiar with some of the concepts since I did a lot of python. So yeah that's my story! I really think that this forum will be big help in the future, as it gets more populated and I want to support brackeys of course. The gamemaker studio forum however can have some rude people at times. lol. And don't even get me started on stack overflow. Anyways can't wait to get to know you all!


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