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Hello from Manchester, UK

_ed_ed Member
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Hello my name is Ed and I'm a developer with a hectic day job in engineering, looking to get back into having a satisfying personal creative output.

I am generally just looking to meet some interesting developers to share ideas with and maybe get to know each other so we can do a jam or something in future?

My "skills":

-3D artwork, hard surface modelling, texturing, rigging and animating (average AF in all of these)

-2D artwork, texture painting

-Programming with an interest in procedural level generation and AI behaviours. Scientific data capture and analysis at postdoctoral level.

-Musical theory and composition

-Writing abandoned design docs

-Terrible voice acting

HMU if you wanna chat. I feel kinda like I need mentoring in some levels of what tutorials to watch so I can learn how to structure my control flow in games etc. Also I am amazed at how janky the asset pipeline from Blender to Unity is with regards to rotation and scale, particularly when it comes to animations. I was wondering if anyone has good tutorial links for these two particular things.

Would love to team up with someone and make a crappy game that's already been done, just for practice.

Right now I am working on a game involving an egg... with legs...

No wait, don't go!


  • jtok4jjtok4j Member

    Here I am! It would be interesting to have a page where we can see your game's progress. :) An Egg with legs, sounds fun!

     Keep on Creating! 

    Justin of JustinTime Studios ( 

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