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Unity UI Axis Mobile Buttons just randomly get stuck.


I am very close to finishing my game when suddenly the buttons I have been using all this time just stop working properly, like for example, the buttons in the bottom left are used for movement, however sometimes they just stick in a pressed mode and keep moving, and I can't do anything, pressing other buttons doesn't do anything and pressing the same button doesn't help either, then it just randomly stops. The settings for the button are:

Gravity: 3

Dead: 0.001

Sensitivity: 3

I have no idea and help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Ask if there's any more information about my project that you need.


  • In the button make the navigation to none

  • CalickCalick Member

    The problem doesn't seem to be the game, when I play on my phone and use debug mode to view touches, my phone thinks it's pressing down on the button when it is not, and doesn't register any other touches, could my game be a bit too cpu heavy for my phone? If so how can I fix it?

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