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How do I change my forum icon?

SeanSean Member

At first I couldn’t see any profile icons on anyone. Then they started to show up after about 20 minutes.

i don’t like mine, how do I change it?


  • I was wondering this too. I don't think you can change it right now, but hopefully they will add it soon!

  • SeanSean Member

    Seems like other people have custom icons :(

  • SeanSean Member

    At least yours looks cool :)

  • alxcylalxcyl Member

    You have to be in desktop mode. It doesn't work in mobile. It's in edit profile.

  • Just realised, you need to be on desktop, but if you're on mobile, then in chrome hit the top 3 dots in the top right corner of chrome, select "desktop site" go to your profile, tap on your profile picture on your profile, and select change picture.

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