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I don't understand how it broke or how to fix it.

CalickCalick Member
edited June 2020 in Programming


I'm currently making a mobile game for android, everything was working fine so I began to add ads, and in app purchases and stuff like that, I didn't play test through the game while adding these things and only tested if the ads and IAP worked, which they did, then I built and ran my game and suddenly the tutorial for my game is broken, the buttons for movement get stuck and continue to move even after letting go, when you try to throw something it gets stuck to the players hand and doesn't move until it deletes itself (it's supposed to delete itself), but I just don't understand why, I didn't touch the tutorial scene the whole time, and the movement and throwing use the exact same scripts as all the other scenes where there is movement and throwing and they all work perfectly fine, I don't know how to fix the bug either because it's obviously not the scripts, because they work in the other scenes. I don't understand I feel like it just broke, BECAUSE I finished the game, there is no logic to it.

If you know any way that this could of happened, and possibly a way to fix it then that would be great because I'm stuck and can't continue, right at the end.

Thanks in advance, Calick.

Update: The movement is suddenly fixed for some reason but I'm suspicious of it coming back.


  • WarpWarp Administrator

    We dont have access to your project, nor do we know anything about how it works.

    Go through your scripts and verify they are written correctly. If your movement is broken, check the movement code and verify it is correct, and as intended.

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