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How to install android SDK & NDK

So i didn't downloaded unity 2019.3.11f from unity hub so it is not showing me the add modules option in the hub.

While building my game it says that the android jdk is not found so i googled it and at the end i downloaded the whole android studio and inside it i also dowloaded jdk and sdk something

Then i assign this new sdk amd jdk in the preferences > external and trh to build the game again but this time it says android ndk not found

So i download ndk(side by side) from the studio and try to assign it in the external but it says that unity needs ndk 19.0.5232133 so i looked in the studio but found nothing also the official site of android studio is not showing that ndk version.

Someone help me pls...!!!??

I really want to see a full tutorial on how to build game for Android

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