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I really need help with this

Moonlight7Moonlight7 Member
edited June 2020 in Programming

Im using VS2019 and Im following what the tutorial video is doing. However, there's no terms like 'Time.deltaTime' in my VS2019, not even Debug.Log


  • Moonlight7Moonlight7 Member
    edited June 2020
  • WarpWarp Administrator
    edited June 2020

    You've clearly written Debug.Log there.

    What do you mean "theres no terms like that"?

  • some terms you can just type 'Debug.lo' and the. you can tab out the 'log'. and I can't do it for a lot of terms

  • I'm just following the tutorial video and I don't know how to fix it

  • WarpWarp Administrator
    edited June 2020

    When you say "tab out the log" do you mean autofill?

    Thats just intellisense trying to help you. Its just a tool, it doesnt mean anything is wrong. If the code compiles and executes correctly, then it works.

    Intellisense tries to clean up syntax. It doesnt mean anything is wrong if it doesnt produce a result.

    The existence of Time.deltaTime isnt dependant on what intellisense says, it is based on whether or not Unity is added as a dependency to a given project.

  • I found a way to fix it thank you. Im just a starter in VS and unity. Seems like the intellisense is not working

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