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Project suggestion for new gamedev?

what projects would you suggest to learn and experiment more and faster? I am doing right now a simple platformer (but with art, music made by me, so I know how to make and use them). I won't use assets for this purpose. I'm not going into level design for those projects (just test if things I want to do works).

After that I want try to make a space shooter game (different movement, enemy spawn randomly, fire etc.)

And after that a simple rpg (different style of game, different camera, different art etc.)

What can I do after those projects? My goal, as already mentioned, is to try new things.

Thanks in advance!


  • Try experimenting with Unity physics, how they work, etc. As an example a simple 2D shooter.

    Also, try out 3D. As I thought I knew how to create sprites, but I know how to 3D-model better. Also, you do not have to be perfect in everything. Lean to your best skill, as an example. If you know how to make gorgeous sprites but you do not know how to code. Try creating a platformer. Or if you know how to code but not much in drawing. Make a management game.

    It all depends on what your best skills are.

  • Oh nice 2D shooter, I will definitely try to do one! I will go on 3D later on, I want to know how work before in 2D. Also I don't want to be perfect in everything, don't get me wrong, but if I will ever do a solo Dev project, I want to know how can I make it.

    I will look into physics! Thank you for spending your time here and thanks for the answer!

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