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Inboke method not working in unity

I have this script that im trying to run so my level restarts when I die and I get the issue "Trying to Invoke method: GameManager.Restart couldn't be called." How do I fix it?


  • ZicrusZicrus Member

    Check in update if "gameHasEnded" is true. If it is, count down from 2: restartDelay -= Time.deltaTime; Then if restartDelay reaches 0, restart the game

  • edited June 2020

    not gonna lie I dont really know what that means

  • He literally explained everything...

  • WarpWarp Administrator

    You have a nested function. Im surprised this even compiles, because I thought that was illegal to do.

    Move the "restart" function out of the scope of EndGame(), and tell me what happens. That should fix it.

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