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Ground Check and Ceiling Check

Casual_JackCasual_Jack Member
edited June 2020 in Programming

Hello everyone!

I watched brackey's video about the 2D movement.

Most of it worked but if I continuously press 'w', it just continues to jump in the air like flying, never to land again also my box collider that supposed to turn off when I press 's' is always off when I start the game .

My conclusion is that my checks positions are all in a wrong place but I don't know how to correct them. I tried to correct them but ultimately failed.

Please help.


Best Answer

  • Casual_JackCasual_Jack Member
    Accepted Answer

    I already found the answer but thank you.

    Found it at Brackeys' youtube video 2D Movement comment section


  • ms07ms07 Member
    edited June 2020

    Post your code for help.. no one can understand ur problem cause like this.

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