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How to Shift Game Screen According to Admobs Ads banner

ms07ms07 Member
edited June 2020 in Programming

Hello guys/girls, i am new in this forum. I am Building a Android Game in unity engine. currently i am facing a problem regarding ads mobs banner its overlapping on my games content. Can some one tell me how to shift my game screens content or screen so ads banner could be safely shown.

Thanks in advance, any help will be appreciated.

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    Banner ads shouldn't be on screen while gameplay you can use this ads in mainmenu or pausemenu like something cause players might vet irritated by this while can still show some rewarded ads in gameplay

  • WarpWarp Administrator
    Accepted Answer

    @JIMMY_VASHI04 is right. If UI is both on the bottom, and the top then there shouldn't be an ad on that screen.

    Try these:

    1. Reward the user with whatever currency the game has for watching ads
    2. Play them on loading screens
    3. Play them on the main menu
    4. Play them every other death (or some event)

    Get creative! Have fun!


  • WarpWarp Administrator

    You dont want to shift the game screen.

    If the ad doesnt load (user has wifi off), there will be a huge black bar at the top, and even without it a shift would be weird.

    Some ways to do it:

    1. Move the ad to the bottom. This is your best option. It doesnt cover UI, or joysticks, and its relatively out of the way.
    2. Make the ad thinner, so it appears between your buttons
    3. (most complex, but still pretty easy) Get the width/height of the ad, and shift the ad to the top/bottom accordingly.

    Whatever way you choose, its generally best practice to put the ad away from the buttons, so at the bottom in this case.

  • ms07ms07 Member

    Thanks for reply but UI elements like chat and buttons apear at bottom of screen in real time. So i was thinking that implementing a system which shift screen few pixels when ads appear and maximize it again when ads disappear. But i don't know how to change screen height or widrh since, screen.height is read only in unity.

  • ms07ms07 Member

    You are also right shifting would be weird but game i am making have, UIs which appear on whole screen at some time. Thats why shifting screen only solution left for me according to my thinking. If theirs another way around suggestions are welcome.

  • ms07ms07 Member

    @JIMMY_VASHI04 thanks for suggestion i am thinking about loading screen for this purpose.

  • ms07ms07 Member

    @JIMMY_VASHI04 @Warp Thank You Bros

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