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How do I fix my weapon swapping

I'm watching the video about weapon switching and I only have two weapons, the problems are that 1, It doesn't stop me from picking past numbers 0 and 1 (weapons) 2, both my weapons seem to be inside each other when the game loads stopping the switching to work properly.


  • edited June 2020

    i don't understand totally but i'm using this basic algorithm for switching weapons, maybe it helps:

    void switchWeapon(){










    weapon is a gameobject array.

  • MrSlugMrSlug Member

    Hi @EletricDragonYT ,

    Can you post your code so we can see what's causing the problem? It sounds like the active weapon isn't being cleared when you swap weapons.



  • hey im not working on that anymore so could this thread be deleted?

  • WarpWarp Administrator

    No, generally threads should not be deleted.

    Anyone with the same issue can open this thread and see @yoda_from_star_trek answer, and get information from that, so its really important that things like this stay up.

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