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My prefab functions won't work in other scenes

So, I had been working on a platformer, and I had been using the same player prefab in all scenes, but all of a sudden the prefab won't work in the new scenes. I mean it can fly and rotate and also play animations but the particles and audio won't work. Also objects triggered as finish, which are suppose to start the next scene, when hit by the player prefab, won't do anything. Even though these all functions exists in the same script.

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    May be it is because your prefab player in the new scenes are not given the needed reference.


  • sayansayan Member

    I am a biggenner, so what does that exactly mean again? I've filled the floats with the particles from the scene. Is that what you mean?

  • sayansayan Member

    Oh yeah you were right, my camera was not assigned, thanks man

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