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Hello there~! Nice to meet you!

JellyCOREJellyCORE Member
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Hello there! I'm Jelly, it's lovely to meet you!

It's been my dream to work on games in some form or another for a long time now, about 6-7 years, I think.

Originally, I was planning on becoming a composer for videogames, as creating music is something I love doing, but over time, that dream shifted into becoming a Game Dev in general!

I've literally just finished school, my final exam was last wednesday, and I'm insanely excited to finally be able to further chase that dream, now that I can move on to Unity and C# instead of Java (Though Java was super cool, too!), which was necessary for school.

I have a huge amount of passion for the topic of game development, and I'm sure that'll help me overcome my all-too-common habit of procrastination, when it comes to learning Unity and C#!

Now, some stuff about me that's not directly game development-related~

Just real quick, I identify as Non-Binary and use they/them as pronouns~!

Something I absolutely LOVE doing and have done pretty much every single day for about 10-12 years is whistling~! It's super fun, and I've been making "Whistle Covers" of videogame themes that I've shared with some friends and family.

I'm currently working on covering the entire Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky soundtrack! (With some breaks and procrastination in-between~)

AH And composing music! That's another thing that I'm incredibly passionate about! I often struggle with coming up with ideas, but if the theme I'm making has a purpose, like, say, representing a certain character in a game, I usually find it a heck of a lot easier to come up with and continue a track!

Another thing that I love is singing ! Even though I did like doing it beforehand, joining a community's singing competitions since back in mid-2018 has really caused my love for it to blossom!

Drawing is super fun, and I've been doing it more and more, and improving, which is awesome! I pretty much only do traditional sketches and the sort, but I do have fun making the occasional pixel art thingy digitally.

Philosophy and Gender are two things I am extremely passionate about.

Finally, one of my greatest passions of all is "passion" itself.

If someone does something they're passionate about, no matter if it's singing, parkour or even collecting leaves and placing them under rocks on the sidewalk, I get super giddy and excited!

As long as it doesn't harm others, I absolutely love it when people just be themselves, whatever that includes!

(If this is too long, please let me know, apologies!)

Thanks a ton for reading! I'm looking forward to interacting with you all!

Have a wonderful day/night~!


  • JellyCOREJellyCORE Member
    edited June 2020

    Ack, apologies, didn't realise the formatting doesn't work in threads as it does in the bio ^^'

    Edit: Changed it, there we go~

  • This was really nice to read. Nice to meet you! ^_^

  • Aww, thanks a ton! Wonderful to meet you, too! ^v^

    I was worried it might be too long, but glad it doesn't seem like it!

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