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I have a long question about UI

If you have ever played rocket league ,the tips are written and tells me my assigned buttons are used for what ,and also after I have changed the buttons assignment in setting ,the game also write the tips with the correct form of buttons I use. So how do I do it in Unity in my game?


  • danieldaniel Member

    hi, i dont know how your scripts to assign keys or display the UI tips work... but i think you could store the key that you assigned in a variable(a string) and in your ui script you should have a reference to the variable. maybe like this?

    public KeyAssignScrpit assignKeys;
    public Text theKeyThatIsAssigned;
    void Start()
         theKeyThatIsAssigned.text = assignKeys.theAssignedKey; //theAssignedKey should be  the variable in which you stored the assigned key

    unfortunately idont know if you can store your assigned key in string variable (because i dont know your script) but i think it should work. i hope it will help you and if you got queations just ask :)

  • Are you talking about somehow player can assign their own keybindings.

    If yes than check out my post.recenly i uploaded it.

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