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Suggestions for Cutaway / Cutoff Shader

edited June 2020 in 3D Art

Hello everyone,

does anyone have any good suggestions for a cutaway or cutoff shader for Unity? I mean, like this one in Blender, for instance.

I've already found some shader, but none of them were what I was looking for.

For me it is important that the cut surface uses the same material as the object itself. For example, if my object is a tree, then the intersection must be a tree material, or if my object is a concrete wall, then the intersection should also be concrete (and not a color).

As you can see in this picture all intersections are filled black.

But what I want to achieve is that the intersection i.e. of the room doors is also white, just like the door itself. And the walls should not be filled black, but have a concrete pattern.

Any ideas? I am grateful for any advice!

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